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Waiting for a good opportunity

Mary is waiting for a good opportunity to wet her pants. A lot of cars and trucks are passing on this country road, but her mind is to drink as many beer as she can and wet her jeans. She drinks her favourite beer and her bladder is ready to burst (PA6)

Mary is changing her wet clothes

After she wet her jeans, Mary is changing into dry clothes with some regret, watching the traffic on the road and preparing to give a new and fresh golden show. Her clothes won't be dry very long when she has in mind peeing .. (PA5)

Trying to pee in a wheatgrass field

Mary decides that she can pee in the wheat grass field, since the road is too travelled, but she cannot wet her jeans. She has no problem having voyeurs while she pee, but the beer didn't made her pee into her jeans, yet. She keeps drinking beer to make it happen. After waiting that much, dam, is so good to free yourself into the fucking jeans! (PA4)

Wetting my jeans
My bladder is so full, although we pulled over to a side road, this road seems to be very circulated, so, after I had to hold my pee for half of an hour, and all the cars have passed, I can empty my bladder and I just love to wet my jeans, and then, of course, I need to unload my shoes, and empty them as well. (PA3)

Pee desperation in a flower field

Mary drinks beer and her bladder is bulging little by little, and she has no were to go and pee.. She is trying to not pee into her leggings, on the field, but after half an hour and some beer, she is pretty close to wet her jeans. What will she do next ? (PPA1)

After a long trip Mary's bladder is bulging and she can hardly hold it

Finally we take a stop and Mary can go behind a tree and burst into peeing. The trip was long and Mary's bladder is bulging. She is pissing on her pantyhose and the pee gets into one of her shoes, and she has to take her shoes off and empty them as well. All in front off others, passing by! (PA1)  

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